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Prof. Francesc Xavier Grau

Francesc Xavier Grau Vidal (Lleida, 1958) graduated in Chemical Sciences (1981) from the University of Barcelona and was awarded his doctorate in Chemical Sciences by the same university (1986). He has been a trainee researcher at the Institute of Fluid Mechanics of the Technical National Institute of Toulouse (France), postdoctoral researcher and contracted researcher at the NASA-Ames Centre for Turbulence Research and the Stanford University.

Currently professor of Fluid Mechanics (URV 2001), his research interests focus on the physics, modelling and control of the transport phenomena of heat, matter and momentum in industrial flows and the environment; and on developing efficient numerical methods for solving the coupling systems of differential equations that are used to model these phenomena.

From May 2006 to June 2014, he has been the Rector of University Rovira I Virgili. He has served also as President of the Catalan Association of Public Universities (2011-2013) and member of the Executive Council of Spanish University Rectors (2010-2013), of which he has also been First Vice-President from November 2013 until the end of his rector’s mandate.

His most important scientific publications and writings on university policy may be found at:

Topic of Keynote: The Rayleigh-Bénard Flow in Cubical Cavities: An Excellent Benchmark Case for Coupled Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow



Prof. Omar K. Matar

     Omar Matar is Professor of Fluid Mechanics at Imperial College London. His research interests are in transport phenomena and multiphase flows with a wide range of applications: process intensification, light-mediated manufacturing, surfactant-replacement therapy, crude-oil and food processing, coating flow technology, manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, pipeline transportation of crude oil, distillation, and microfluidics. Professor Matar has studied a wide range of problems in fluid mechanics including surfactant transport on non-Newtonian layers, phase inversion in concentrated emulsions, thin film flows over rapidly rotating discs, nonlinear bubble sound interactions, fouling in heat exchangers in crude oil distillation units, dynamics of liquids spreading on compliant substrates, multiphase flow in large-diameter pipes, advanced experimental and numerical methods for the prediction of complex vapour liquid annular flows, and the removal of soft-solids adhering to solid substrates. Professor Matar has given over 40 invited presentations, and has been invited to write a number of influential reviews, including one in thin films in Reviews of Modern Physics (impact factor 51). He has co-authored over 150 journal articles that have so far received 2500 citations, with an h-index of 29. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Multiphase Sci. & Tech., an Executive Associate Editor of J. Eng. Math., and on the Editorial Advisory Boards of Int. J. Multiphase Flow, and J. Engineering.

Topic of Keynote: Numerical Simulations of Crude-Oil Fouling



Prof. Marco Marengo

Prof. Marco Marengo achieved a Master Degree in Physics cum laude at the University of Turin on Nonlinear Dynamical Systems applied to cosmology. In 1993, started the Ph.D. studies at the Polytechnic of Milan. Awarded by the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst and by the EU Marie Curie Program, he joined the Institut of Fluidmechanics of Prof. Durst in Erlangen, Germany. He continued his Ph.D. studies in Erlangen, where in 1996-1997 he was post-Doc student. In 1996 he got a Ph.D. in Energetics at the Polytechnic of Milan with a thesis about “Drop Impingement on Liquid Film”. In 1998 he was research assistant at the University of Darmstadt, Germany. From 1998 to 2002 he has been assistant professor of Thermal Physics at the University of Bergamo advancing to Associate Professor of Thermal Physics in 2002. From 2003 to 2005 he was the University Responsible for the European Research. Since 2009 he is European Editor of the International Journal "Atomization & Sprays", Editorial Board member of "Heat Pipe Science and Technology" and other international journals. 2014 he was appointed as Professor of Thermal Engineering at the University of Brighton, joining the Center of Automotive Engineering. Presently he is leading the ESA PHP International scientific team and he is active in ESA parabolic campaigns and other research projects. Since 2005 he is visiting Professor at the University of Mons-Hainaut, Belgium. Reviewer for many international journals. He published more than 180 scientific papers among which 45 in peer-reviewed Journals about heat transfer, heat pipes, microgravity, pool and flow boiling, liquid sprays, drop impact on solid dry and wetted surfaces and building physics. He was co-founder of two spin-off companies and he acted as principal investigator in more than 20 industrial consultancies.

Topic of Keynote: Closed loop Pulsating Heat Pipes at Variable Gravity Levels








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